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Good Midvintersolstånd! One of Kopimistiskt Gospel


Today falls winter solstice, and it is a fitting day to present a Kopimistiskt gospel. Kopimismen is a new religion for atheists, agnostics and believers who want a fresh perspective on their current religion. Kopimismen is based on evolutionary description of the emergence of life on Earth, and agree with the description. But science alone is not enough to tell the whole truth about our incredible universe. Kopimismen adds purpose and meaning to the scientific description of the evolution, without violating the laws of science.

The word "gospel" significant "glädjebudskap" - goda News, simply. This is a Kopimistiskt Gospel, and it is a real joyful.

Kopimismen comes with goda News in many areas. To begin with, bridging the gap between religion and science. The conflict between science and religion, reactions with Isaac Newton's mechanistic model of the universe, which has grown since its, is really quite unnecessary.

Kopimismen is based on the modern scientific worldview. We think science is great, and believe that it has been mostly correct in what it teaches. Kopimismen is a law-abiding religion, so we respect the laws of nature. We do not claim that we can walk on water, or that of our prophets mothers are virgins. Why should they be the?

However, we note carefully that even if the science is telling the truth and nothing but the truth (substantially), it has never even claimed himself that it says whole truth. There are plenty of places where science just gives the answer "undefined" or "slum-like". In each of those places, there may be magic hidden that neither we nor science has discovered yet.

Accepting science does not mean we have to accept a mechanistic, soulless and dead universe. Universe is sufficiently large, complicated and strange to both science and magic to exist simultaneously. They do this surely also. Kopimismen suggests an answer to how science and magic can be made to fit together.

The Kopimistiska creation story is based on the emergence of life on Earth:

In the beginning the world was a stinky concoction of ammonia, methane and nasty toxic chemicals. Atmosphere through crossed by flashes of clean energy. Anything would be born.

The first two sentences presents the general scientific picture of what the conditions were on the earth at that time. Kopimismen does not contradict science. If science feels satisfied with the description, we are also the.

But the third meaning, "Something would be born", course, is a supplement that goes beyond the strict science. There is no strong scientific evidence that anything "wanted" nothing on earth in primordial state four billion years ago.

But on the other hand, there is just as little rigorous scientific evidence that it not would have made it. Because science does not claim that one or the other, this is an example of a place where we can open the possibility of magic without violating any of the laws of science.

Science and Religion can easily co-exist in peace. All that science has to do is show a little humility and do not claim to say more than it actually does. And all that religion has to do is show a little common sense, and do not insist on the party trick miracle that obviously defies the laws of nature.

The Kopimistiska belief accept the scientific description of the evolution and development of life on Earth. Instead of trying to fight against science, som in the religious fundamentalister (in Synneren Christianity) makes, we are inspired by science and want to learn from the.

When we look at the evolutionary history, including the development of human societies have undergone, We can identify four basic principles that we think are worth highlighting. They are the four Kopimistiska K-na: Creativity, Copying, Collaboration and Quality.

The Four Basic Principles is inspired by the observation of evolutionary history. As it should be for a religion, we present not just a story of how we think life on earth began, we are also trying to learn something of the.

We identify Copying and Cooperation by observing how important these two principles have been the origin of life on Earth. We see the same pattern of copying and Cooperation in proteins learn to multiply and begin to work together to build cells, that when cells have multiplied to begin to work together to build more complex organisms, as ourselves.

We identify quality as a more or less necessary force in the evolutionary process, to explain why things on the whole has evolved for the better, After all.

And we identify Creativity as an equally essential driver behind the development of the universe, to explain why we are not stuck in any ecologically stable but ultimately sad state of teal algsoppa.

The four Kopimistiska K-na together constitute a theological framework that is consistent with science and partly based on observations, but still has room for spiritual concepts.

Thanks to quality, we have a reason to feel optimistic about the future, even though we can not know how the future will actually look like. And because we see creativity as a natural force that permeates the universe everywhere and at all levels, we have reason to look forward to a future that is exciting and fun addition.

All this without breaking even one Natural Law.

There is no God as Creator In the description of Kopimismen presented in this Gospel. Instead, we believe that the scientific description of evolution along with Kopimismens four basic principles are sufficient to explain the miracle of our existence.

But even if we reject the idea of ​​God as Creator, there is nothing to prevent there could be other gods. It is a question that this Kopimistiska gospel deliberately leaves open. This means that it can be used in two ways.

In itself this is Kopimistiska gospel a standalone atheistic or agnostic world based on the science, but that adds to the spiritual sense of the scientific description.

But this Kopimistiska gospel can also serve as a reasonable creation myth and the basis for new kulter and Religions wanting with one or more gods, but do not want or need God as Creator.

In support of such a religious belief system, we have noted that science never claims to tell the whole truth, and that there are places with chaos and indeterminacy everywhere in today's scientific theories.

It may be that the activity in those places only random, as part think. But it could also be that it is in these places that concepts like soul, the free will or even God can be inserted in the description of the world without violating any of the laws of science.

This Kopimistiska gospel leaves deliberate the question of God open. But there could be other Kopimistiska Gospels which provide different answers to this question.

If we move down from the high metaphysical peaks, we can use the four Kopimistiska K-na to get guidance in our daily lives.

From the principles of Creativity, Copying, Collaboration and Quality shows that we are in a natural and direct way to derive a moral system which happens to look up just as we would like as libertarian humanists.

We want to have as much freedom for the individual as possible, to give her the greatest opportunity to express creativity. We see sex in all its forms as something natural and positive, and as a tribute to the principle Copy. We note that in order to live together in a society, we must respect each other's freedoms, and strive to create a good climate for Cooperation. And we trust that people can make their own choices and more often than not end up right, because we are all guided by the power quality.

This morality system contains nothing new or surprising. It's just plain modern libertarian humanism. But the fact that it is so easy to go straight from the Four Kopimistiska K-na to the moral system to which we would have liked to have, it is a pleasant surprise. There is of course no definitive proof in itself, but it is an indication that we have made a sensible choice of the Basic Principles of the Four Kopimistiska K-na.

We may also use framework with Creativity, Copying, Collaboration and Quality to provide suggestions for appropriate rituals in Kopimistkyrkan, from wild fertility rites to silent meditation.

When we consider the question of religious festivals, we see that there is a very natural connection between the four K-na and the four seasons. It's another good sign that we are on the right track. We can celebrate summer- and winter solstice and spring- and autumn equinox, and let each of them remind us of one of the Kopimistiska K-na.

We have yet to see the full set Kopimistiska rituals for all occasions and tastes, but we have a foundation to build on. Kopimismen value diversity. Hopefully it will turn up many different churches and belief systems that can develop the foundation presented in this Kopimistiska gospel in different directions.

Today, the 21 december 2013, falls solstice. It is a fitting day to present a Kopimistiskt gospel, a joyful.

Science and religion can coexist, and we live in a creative universe filled with magic, miracle and beauty. There are forces that guide the creation against what is interesting and good, so we dare to feel secure in a trust that creates the world.

This is a Kopimistiskt Gospel.

Good Midvintersolstånd 2013!

Copy and Spread!

Good Midvintersolstånd! One of Kopimistiskt Gospel

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The Mission Rande Kopimistsamfundet
Mission Rande Kopimistsamfundet

Young, Church and Internet


Perhaps the biggest problem for communities all over the world today is the great apostasy in new visitors. It's been referred to as "the plateau of growth of the Church" or "decline of Christianity", among many around the world. We've all heard about it in one form or another, although some of them in our churches have chosen to be ignorant of this reality so are unfortunately still here. We look here at the end of the article a closer look at Jens selling briquettes and why he and others like him are no longer going to church.

There are statistics on numbers analyze this phenomenon. One can find stacks of studies looking at the demographics, media influence on society, cultural traditions and customs, and explore this topic from all possible angles. They all indicate the same thing.

It should not come as any surprise, This is done. Even more interesting for academics and researchers is why this is happening. But most importantly for our priests, all Christians, and focus of this article, he, what we can do to reverse this trend.

It should not come as any surprise, that in today's world, some potential church members (especially young) react negatively to begreber as "church" and "prædiken". For most young people, including many church youth, bring those words out feelings of boredom and requirements - similar to the feelings created by having to do chores around the house.

Internet, on the other hand represents recreation and learning in a fun and open environment. Research shows, at mere end 3 millions of people go online every day looking for spiritual content, which is more than other popular activities, such as online auctions and bank or focus on the sale of briquettes and other products online as our gut Jens makes.

There is no doubt, that today's world is very different from 30 years ago. During this time, mankind has seen experienced more change than in the 2000 years that preceded. Specifically, in the past two decades, we have witnessed a technological explosion, primarily have left the church behind.

Many factors combine to cause this decline, and it is not always easy to identify exactly, what is to blame. However, there is one thing, we know for sure - if we do not adapt to meet the needs of new generations, we will see less and less young people involved in church, and finally deletion. Young people means no future. Church in North America have very little time left to turn around and start again influence the culture around it, rather than being influenced by the.

Because technology is such a powerful tool, it is not only wise for the church to start using it, to ensure its own survival, but it is also responsible for any Christian, who want to influence the world for the better to start leveraging the power of technology in their efforts to spread the message of Christ.

Historically, the church has been slow to embrace change. The inventions of the telephone and the printing press are examples of this. Some of this reluctance is obviously caused by fear of the new and unknown. This is usually overcome with time.

Unfortunately, today things are moving at a much faster rate than ever before. Time is not a luxury, and certainly not on our side. In the past few decades, we have seen organizations rise and fall of the legendary blink of an eye. We have set kraftfuld, be lengthy conglomerates dissolved and replaced. Today, the leaders of a type of device needs to respond quickly to maintain momentum, or risk being swallowed up by new waves.

Some of our churches may take offense to new methods of communication, because they consider any changes to suggest, that there is something wrong with the message of the church. This is a misconception, for there was never anything wrong with the message. Jesus said : "Neither do men put new wine into old wineskins". Many walk, wine of the message is unique - only the medium needs to be replaced. Technology and the Internet has provided great success for many organizations. These tools will be used to enable the churches to enjoy the fullness of the harvest God wants. God's spirit waiting to be released. Do not turn off, when churches resist the renewal.

An example could be Jens. Jens is quite a common Dane selling firewood and briquettes from his small shop. He has set out to create Denmark's best briquettes which he used 10 years developing. Jens used to go to church every Sunday, but after he got his firewood business, he simply had too TravT to come to church, so Sunday prayer happening now at home in the kitchen before the meal rather than the church where it should perhaps be. But Jens's too busy selling its quality briquettes and not given the time to the church as he might like. Jens is just one example of the many Danes who have chosen to focus on their career and business, rather than the church. They are still believers, you have chosen to prioritize time differently. Those are a whole lot of, and one can only hope that when Jens has reached the age where he can no longer sell the briquettes will again start going to church. The big problem here is that we end up with churches exclusively visited by the very young and the very old, all those in between are too busy with their work.


Source Article from http://www.kopimistsamfundet.dk/unge-kirken-og-internettet/

Privacy violation worst of all time "Cat Watcher"


Privacy violation worst of all time "Cat Watcher"



Kopimi Kerk in Nederland | Kopimisme
Control-C Control-V, Thou shalt publish all information freely and without restriction must be able to distribute

19 September plea in the appeal on block The Pirate Bay - Ziggo/XS4ALL


On Thursday 19 September the argument place in the case against Ziggo and XS4ALL Brain on blocking The Pirate Bay.

The argument that 19 september om 9.30 hours will be held at the Court in The Hague.

The hearing shall be public and the public is welcome.

*Lucifer # copyme

source: https://blog.xs4all.nl/2013/08/27/save-the-date-19-september-pleidooi-in-het-hoger-beroep-over-blokkeren-the-pirate-bay/

19 September plea in the appeal on block The Pirate Bay - Ziggo/XS4ALL



Kopimi Kerk in Nederland | Kopimisme
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@OPManning @Carwinb @kgosztola Bradley #Manning sentencing is set to be announced 3pm (15:00) TODAY : Prosecution is requesting 60 years! -

Urgent call-in: demand Maj. Gen. Buchanan free Bradley! 001 (202) 685-2900 PHONE NOW!

Demand that Major General Buchanan free Bradley now!

Write to [email protected], tel. 001 (202) 685-2900, fax (202) 685-0706

Even after the Judge passes sentence, the ‘convening authority’ – Major General Jeffrey Buchanan – can reduce it. There is no minimum sentence; He is empowered to release him for time served!

Only if he is feeling the heat! – Hence phone calls/emails from supporters to his office! NOW! – 001 (202) 685-2900

Please help us reach all these important contacts:

Adrienne Combs, Deputy Officer Public Affairs (202) 685-2900 [email protected]

Col. Michelle Martin-Hing, Public Affairs Officer (202) 685-4899 [email protected]

The Public Affairs Office fax #: 202-685-0706

Try e-mailing Maj. Gen. Buchanan at [email protected]

The Public Affairs Office is required to report up the chain of command the number of calls they receive on a particular issue, so please help us flood the office with support for whistleblower Bradley Manning today!


Demand that Major General Buchanan free Bradley now!

Write to [email protected], tel. 001 (202) 685-2900, fax (202) 685-0706

Even after the Judge passes sentence, the ‘convening authority’ – Major General Jeffrey Buchanan – can reduce it. There is no minimum sentence. He is empowered to release prisoners for time served! The Public Affairs Office is required by military law to report up the chain of command the number of calls they receive on a particular issue, so please help us flood the office with support for whistleblower Bradley Manning today!

After one year of (additional) confinement, Bradley will be eligible for parole after serving 1/3 of his sentence (most likely, back at Ft Leavenworth). Of course he’ll be at the mercy of a military parole board, on a yearly basis I believe, but that possibility will be in play.





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Klokkenluider Bradley Manning krijgt 35 jaar cel


Klokkenluider Bradley Manning krijgt 35 jaar cel

nope, no freedom for bradley manning

nope, no freedom for Bradley Manning

Klokkenluider Bradley Manning is door een militaire Rechtbank in de Verenigde Staten veroordeeld tot 35 jaar gevangenisstraf. Deze criminal krijgt hij voor het van leaked honderdduizenden Geheim Document naar WikiLeaks.

Deze onterechte criminal is uitgesproken ondanks dat Obama Tijdens zijn een verkiezingsprogramma betere Bescherming van klokkenluiders had beloofd. Dit is nog na te lezen via http://change.gov/agenda/ethics_agenda/

#According to Copyme


Klokkenluider Bradley Manning krijgt 35 jaar cel



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Celebrate the 10:th of August


Celebrate the 10:th of August
Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet
Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet

Edward Snowden gets asylum in Russia and was abandoned airport


Finally after whistleblower Edward Snowden 2 weeks ago that he has applied for asylum is temporarily 1 year awarded.

He was allowed to leave the Sheremetyevo airport where he has since 23 June 2013 stayed in the transit hall.

He was transported by taxi from the airport to a secret location.


Edward Snowden gets asylum in Russia and was abandoned airport



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Flere af menighedens medlemmer bruger proteinpulver


Hvad siger kopimistsamfundet til brug af proteinpulver

Flere og flere danskere benytter sig af fitnesscentre når kroppen skal trænes og de ekstra kilo skal tabes. Fitness tiltrækker mennesker, som ikke dyrker motion til daglig. Dette kan dog give skader hvis man ikke tager sig nogle forholdsregler.

Mange nye besøgende på fitnesscentrene vil se resultater hurtigt, hvilket ofte resulterer i at kroppen overbelastes. De gode intentioner kan give ømme knæ, smertende baller og langvarige skader som kan tage lang tid at rette op på.

Når musklerne ikke er vant til at blive brugt, skal man tage den lidt med ro i starten, da de har brug for en tilvænnings periode. Det anbefales at man træner moderat i de første 2 måneder så kroppen ikke overbelastes. Ca. 20% af danskerne som tegner abonnement i fitnesscentrene kommer fra en ikke-aktiv hverdag. Det gør fitness til den sportsgren med flest nybegyndere i forhold til bl.a. håndbold og fodbold. En af grundende til at der er så mange nybegyndere i fitnesscentrene er at det ikke kræver særlige forkundskaber at løfte vægte eller løbe på løbebånd. En anden grund er at man ikke behøves at være i form for at starte. Det gør det nemmere for folk at finde motivation når træningen er lige til.

Proteinpulver til vægttab

I januar måned ser man hvordan de utrænede melder sig ind i fitnesscentrene. De vil gøre op med de ekstra kilo som har sat sig under julen og starte på en frisk i det nye år. For disse er det vigtigt at de planlægger deres træning uden at kaste sig uvidende ud i motion. Det er eksempelvis ikke sundt for kroppen at en utrænet løber 10 kilometer på løbebånd, når kroppen kun kan løbe tre.

Som ny er det en god ide at tage imod de introduktionstilbud som centrene tilbyder nye medlemmer. Her vil en træner vejlede en i brugen af de forskellige maskiner og vise hvordan man udfører øvelserne korrekt. Selvom de fleste tænker at det er nemt at gå i fitnesscenter og at man bare kan observere de andre, kan man nemt komme til at gøre det forkert. Mår man er medlem har man ret til at få supervision af instruktørerne så man undgår skader.

Når man har lært øvelserne korrekt er fitness en af de motionsformer som giver færrest skader. Ved håndbold og fodbold kommer folk ofte til skade. Dette sker ikke til fitness da bevægelserne er mere kontrollerede. Ved at lytte til sin krop og benytte sig af instruktørernes vejledning vil man få det bedste ud at sin træning.

Source Article from http://www.kopimistsamfundet.dk/flere-af-menighedens-medlemmer-bruger-proteinpulver/

Kristendom og teknologi


Hvad er business intelligence software?Kristendom og teknologi er normalt 2 ting som sjællent går hånd i hånd, men faktum er at rigtig mange kristne elsker elektronik og anden teknologi. Det kan godt være mange ikke er helt enige omkring fysiken bagved tingene men derfor kan man sagtens have samme glæde af en ny ipad eller fladskærm. Der er dog stadig en del som mener at disse gode ikke bør benyttes og kun er kommet til jorden for at friste svage sjæle men de høre stadig til minoriteterne.

Selv er jeg igang med et spændende projekt om en advanceret teknologi kaldet business intelligence. Business intelligence er en måde hvor du kan få bedre klarhed over dine mange data og f.eks. bruge disse data til at lave forretnings rapporter altså som et raporting tool, eller du kan bruge business intelligence software til smarte dashboards så du konstante kan følge med i hvordan det går for din virksomhed eller for et specifikt produkt. Det er rigtig mange spændende muligheder inden for business intelligence – eller BI som det oftes forkortes.
En af ulemperne ved BI er at det ofte kræver store resourcer og arbejdet at samle alle sine data og få dem lagt ind i et data warewarehouse, som er en speciel database der er målrettet data mining og business intelligence. Man kan dog ofte slippe for dette hvis man i forvejen har et moderne ERP system som f.eks. Microsoft Dynamics Nav installeret på sider som http://poland-epp.eu og derved har alle sine data samlet i et sådant system, så integrere man blot sit BI værktøj der i og får adgang til alle data og kan begynde at lave reporting og dashboard og dermed bedre optimere sin forretning eller få bedre overblik over tingene. Især inden for beslutningstagning er BI meget anvendt, derfor kaldes det også til tider decision support systems, da de hjælper virksomhedsejere med at træffe de rigtige beslutninger ud fra real time data.

Her i Danmark har vi også en virksomhed som beskæftiger sig med BI, nemlig TARGIT fra hjørring som lavet noget af det mest advancerede business intelligence systemer i verden. Deres software Business Intelligence til reporting og analytics er ekstrem advanceret og giver dig adgang til alle dine data real time stillet op på en pæn og overskuelig måde så du bedre kan træffe de rigtige beslutninger baset på de rigtige data, ofte kræver det at en chef kan træffe beslutninger her og nu og ikke har tid at vente på at man får analyseret diverse data og informeret ham om resultatet, alt dette gør et business intelligence værktøj så man med det samme kan se om et produkt evt. skal stoppes og måske afprøves på nye markeder.


Source Article from http://www.kopimistsamfundet.dk/kristendom-og-teknologi/

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