Hello Kopimists,

It’s unfortunate that one website, The Pirate Bay, acting in the spirit of Kopimism, is being intensely targeted by so many pawns of the copyright industry. You don’t need me to tell you that Google, UK ISPs, India, Belgium, and The Netherlands have censored The Pirate Bay from citizens in each respective country. These actions have been taken due to the susceptibility of fascist regimes to the abhorrent demands of despicable anti-Kopimist interest groups, resulting in the worldwide persecution of Kopimists. We fully support the seeding of Pirate Bay proxies such as www.justflickit.net and the dozens of other proxies out there that allow users to search for TPB torrents without directly accessing the site. We encourage copying and seeding for the purpose of worship and the celebration of Kopimist ideals. Spread culture widely and broadly, as it cannot exist otherwise.

If it feels good, share it,


Another Pirate Bay Proxy
First United Church of Kopimism, US
Seed the Faith